The “Client Drought”: A Shift in Perspective Can Shift Your Experience

This past January I had my first experience of the dreaded “client drought” as a new hypnotherapist. Things had been going great until I returned from my holiday travels to Biloxi and D.C., where I was seeing clients in each city I visited.

After being back in Los Angeles for three weeks, I had seen a total of two clients. I started feeling a bit anxious, to say the least, and began the cycle of trying to “fix” the situation. We all know how that doesn’t work.

In efforts to supplement my income, I scoured the internet for random part-time jobs. I even seriously considered a full-time hypnotherapy position at a rehab facility in another county that required a four-hour commute Monday through Friday. Let me just say there is nothing wrong with looking for or having a part-time job while growing a business. However, taking any kind of action from a place of desperation and fear can be detrimental to the future and Spirit of the business and the business owner.

For example; if I had been offered and accepted that rehab position solely based on the idea of having financial security, I would have been sacrificing the time, energy and focus I needed to grow my own practice, which is my true desire. This would have led to burning out and possibly resentment toward the clients at the rehab facility. Not to mention I would have missed out on the great lesson in all of this and wouldn’t have these golden nuggets to share with you.

During this “drought”, I felt I was going into overload mode fast and I knew I needed to get myself back into a neutral space before I lost total control of my thoughts. I did several things to help me regain my focus, get grounded, and quickly attract new opportunities and clients. If you ever experience a “client drought”, here are some suggestions on how to move through it and quickly turn things around.

Reach out. I have several friends, mentors, and counselors in my field, who I look to for advice on personal and business issues. I think it is important to talk to people who have been in your situation before and have moved through it successfully. They can provide you with helpful advice, resources, insights and even assist you with work opportunities if it is available. You must ask for it. Remember the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

Putting it out into the Universe can yield some awesome results and rather quickly if you stay open and trust the process. One of my mentors told me this profound thing that has stuck with me and helped me through this process. She said, “Just be on the path. Don’t try to make anything happen. Observe what’s on the path.” Her words helped me to let go and take a step back.


Get still and silent. Take a few moments throughout the day and just be still and quiet. Ask for guidance on your path and for your next steps to be revealed. Then just listen and pay attention to the signs and answers that come to you. They come in many forms. Sometimes as an idea, a dream, through conversations, you have or overhear, you might even be inspired by something you see on t.v. or hear in a song.


Relax and get some rest. What I found to be helpful during this time was to simply relax and rest. I got the most sleep I’ve had in months and it really helped. As I rested and just let go, ideas started coming for new projects, I was asked to be featured in an online magazine, and I ran a promotion that got me five new clients in one week.Once I let go of trying to fix my situation, I could clear a channel for creativity and opportunities to flow. The creativity came once I got into a relaxed state where fear and doubt could not reside. This is when solutions show up.

Keep a journal. I have a few journals I use for different reasons. One for working through my emotions and thoughts, another for creative ideas and projects, and my Mental Bank Ledger to help rewrite my life script and track my personal and career goals.Personally, writing things down help me to get out any frustrations, work through issues, and plan strategically. I strongly advise journaling and to check out the Mental Bank Program, it has made a significant change in my life.
Awareness and perspective. I now realize my body and mind needed to be nurtured, rejuvenated, and re-energized from all the work I have been doing the past year and a half. I was having so much fun learning and building my business, I forgot to just rest. On a subconscious level, I knew I needed this down time and therefore created this “client drought” so I could rest.The tricky thing about the subconscious is it will create a situation and find a way to also associate the situation with an emotion. In this case, that emotion was fear and anxt because I tend to associate downtime in business with dried up resources or a “drought”. Once I became aware of the cycle, I could change my perspective.
Gratitude and appreciation. The most powerful process during this time was replacing the fear and anxt with gratitude and appreciation for the down time and space to rest. I started seeing the “drought” as a gift instead of a stressful situation.  This simple change in perspective has shifted things tremendously and quickly.
The lesson I took away from this is sometimes I must let go to receive, and everything, no matter what it looks like, is a blessing. The moment I see it as a blessing is when things start to shift. The nature of business is up and down. The key is to stay up vibrationally even when the numbers are down. Going through this experience made me fall in love even more with what I do as an energy based practitioner because each personal challenge turns into another tried and true tool to offer my clients.

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