Save Your Relationship by Playing the Role of the Observer

Have you ever been in conflict with someone, or perhaps even with yourself, and felt like the intensity of your emotions and thoughts were sucking you into a deep black hole?

If you are still breathing and bleed like I do, I can tell you the answer to that question is yes. We’ve all been there. Especially with our loved ones. You can save your relationships by doing this simple thing, taking on the role of the observer. Click the video below to learn this technique through hypnotic healing imagery.

This technique will help you to zoom out of the current situation as it is happening, like a camera lens, and get a broader perspective of what is going on with the other person, or the situation if the conflict is with yourself. This helps to slow things down a bit, allowing you to breathe through any emotions and to really listen to what the other person is saying and see them through eyes of compassion. You will still feel emotions like anger, frustration, and sadness because you are human and we need emotions to help us grow and expand.

From the observer viewpoint, you will be able to see things more clearly because you are no longer in the experience, which can consume and suck you into that dark hole of emotion. Instead, you are having the experience, as if you were watching a movie. Yes, you are engaged in the plot and characters, but you are not emotionally invested in the outcome. You begin to feel more curious about how the situation will pan out instead of fighting for what you want to happen from an egoic perspective.

Playing the role of the observer allows us to feel our emotions, and let them easily pass through us and not hold us hostage. This will lead to a more calm and relaxed state of being and a peaceful resolution to any experience that could create unnecessary drama, stress, health issues, or consequences.

You might also notice that once you become the observer in your experiences, your relationship with yourself and others will improve.


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