3 Ways Hypnosis Can Stimulate Hair Growth.

There are 3 ways hypnosis can stimulate hair growth. Studies show that we have the ability to change our body’s current condition using the power of our minds. Hypnosis is a focused state of awareness that allows us to intentionally create a desired outcome.  We can use this powerful holistic tool to make psychological and physiological changes so, of course, we can use it to stimulate hair growth.

1. Oxygen is what stimulates hair follicles causing hair to sprout through the scalp. Blood carries oxygen through our veins to every part of the body. Did you know that in the hypnotic state, you have the power to stop, decrease, and increase your blood flow? Using focused intention i.e. hypnosis, you can direct blood flow to the follicles to stimulate hair growth.

2. It’s mind over matter. Most people lament over the condition of their hair. I know I definitely have. Being too focused on why your hair isn’t growing at the rate you want it too, or worrying about losing hair increases stress levels that can inevitably lead to thinning hair or hair loss. Stress and anxiety are one of the major causes of hair loss and thinning hair. Hypnosis is proven to reduce stress and release anxiety. While in the hypnotic state, we can tell the subconscious to block all fears of hair loss, feeling only calm, peace and knowing that it is easy to stimulate and sustain the growth of long, thick, strong, beautiful hair.

3. The thing to remember however with hypnosis and any treatments whether medicinal or holistic is that it is most effective when used in conjunction with other things. For example, if I am working with a client one-on-one, for hair growth, we would determine a tailored action plan and I would include it in the suggestions I give while they are in the hypnotic state. That action plan might include incorporating a diet that is nutrient rich with plenty of good fats, lean protein, vitamins D and E, plenty of water, and a hair care routine that is fit for their particular hair type.

In this week’s Real Hypnosis video, I give you a sample of how I use hypnosis to communicate to the subconscious mind, that it receives the same nutrients from Mother Nature that the trees and grass do therefore making it very easy for hair growth to happen. If you have bald patches, thin edges, or wish to grow your hair longer, then this hypnosis will be great for you to try.

For best results, I suggest listening to this recording every day in the morning upon waking, at night right before bed, or both. You may want to measure your hair before you start listening, and then measure it again once a week to monitor your results and see how well your subconscious mind is responding to the suggestions. Have fun with this one and enjoy!

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