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A Shift in Perspective Can Shift Your Experience

The nature of any business is up and down. The key to success is staying up vibrationally when the numbers are down. So, what do you do when the clients aren’t calling? Find out how to deal with the dreaded “client drought”. As new hypnotherapists and business owners, we will all encounter a slow period throughout our careers. In this presentation, I go over 5 basic principles; stillness and rest, reaching out, journaling, shifting perspective, and gratitude, that help break through old patterns and clear the path for new beginnings and more success. These tools can help any entrepreneur, regardless of their profession, flow with unexpected changes instead of drowning under pressure.

AHA Talk

3 Ways Hypnosis Can Stimulate Hair Growth

There are 3 ways hypnosis can stimulate hair growth. Studies show that we have the ability to change our body’s current condition using the power of our minds. Hypnosis is a focused state of awareness that allows us to intentionally create a desired outcome.  We can use this powerful holistic tool to make psychological and physiological changes so, of course, we can use it to stimulate hair growth.

Are You Getting Deep Restful Sleep?

Are you getting Deep Restful Sleep? I’m not talking about laying in bed for 7-8 hours tossing and turning. When was the last time you had a very deep sleep and woke up feeling refreshed and energized and ready to take on the day? Sleep is essential to our health and well-being. While we sleep, the body repairs itself allowing emotional, mental, and physical healing to take place. Did you know we sleep to dream?

Save Your Relationship by Playing Role of the Observer

Have you ever been in conflict with someone, or perhaps even with yourself, and felt like the intensity of your emotions and thoughts were sucking you into a deep black hole? If you are still breathing and bleed like I do, I can tell you the answer to that question is yes. We’ve all been there. Especially with our loved ones. You can save your relationships by doing this simple thing, taking on the role of the observer. Click the video below to learn this technique through hypnotic healing imagery.

Understanding Belief Systems, Brainwashing, and Mind Control

In the last video I did on brainwashing, we discussed the movie Get Out and how it misused the term Hypnosis when they were really using brainwashing techniques. We also discussed that for mind control to work, we must buy into the idea that our minds can be controlled. At the end of that video, I posed this question, “Why would anyone want us to believe that we can be controlled in the first place?”

Your Brain on Hypnosis: The Theory of Mind

Brainwashing vs. Hypnosis: Get Out, Got It All Wrong

Hollywood has sensationalized hypnosis for years. Most people think it’s magical mind control where the hypnotist snaps her fingers or like in the movie Get Out, stirs a tea cup, and Abracadabra, you are clucking like a chicken or “sinking into the floor” against your will. While incredibly thrilling, and entertaining for a movie plot, this is not the way a hypnotic induction happens.

Hypnosis and Law of Attraction – The Key to Manifesting Your Desires Instantly

Learn how hypnotherapy can be used to increase the positive results of the Law of Attraction. In the hypnotic state, you can learn how to raise your vibration by boosting positive emotion and thoughts which accelerate the delivery of your desired outcome. This is the key to manifesting your desires instantly.

The Client Drought: A Shift in Perspective Can Shift Your Experience

This past January I had my first experience of the dreaded “client drought” as a new hypnotherapist. Things had been going great until I returned from my holiday travels to Biloxi and D.C., where I was seeing clients in each city I visited. After being back in Los Angeles for three weeks, I had seen a total of two clients…

Talking at HMI College on Hypnosis: What it is. What it isn’t. How it Heals.

Recovery in the Wake of Tragedy: 7 ways to restore balance physically, mentally, and emotionally

We are living in uncertain times. We see images of violence, pain, and sadness plastered all over social media, the television and newspapers. It either desensitizes us to the horrors or keeps us stuck in a highly suggestible state invoking feelings of fear, anger, sadness and hopelessness. It is because of this I was inspired to share some very important tips for coping and taking care of yourself during stressful times and tragic events…

Keys to Life… You have the answers to every question.

Today’s key to life is knowing that you already hold the answers to every question you will have in this physical experience. When you were born you were encoded with an inner GPS system so to speak, an inner guidance that was put inside of you to help you navigate through this lifetime during your physical experience on planet Earth…

Why I Do Hypnotherapy – My Story

Theory of Mind described as Law of Attraction by Bob Proctor