Don’t Go Breaking Your Heart

Your fears can land you in a place of working against yourself and dishonoring what your soul is truly calling you to experience.

This can cause you to break your own heart.

Be honest about what you want then ask, “Am I wanting this thing from a place of power or fear?” Say what you want out loud and record yourself saying it.

Play it back. Does it make you cringe, or does it bring you peace?

Better yet, say it to a good, trusted friend and let them give you feedback. Let’s face it sometimes we can trick ourselves into believing BS.

A lot of folks are running around scared of love because they have not healed from past relationships.

They would rather avoid connection and call forth a lie that will only bring more pain.

I am speaking from experience. Believe me.

My Spirit team and a few good friends and mentor saved me from running away from an experience I NEED and WANT to have.

Though I am honest about what I want and open to connection, I still had the tendency to run away when my thoughts would spiral out of control due to my subconscious protection mechanisms.

The key is to secure peace, purify your mind, clarify your thoughts, and keep them stayed on what you want, not what-ifs.

What helped me was to trust that I have learned from my mistakes, had beautiful experiences each time no matter how rough some were, and that my energy is cleared so I only attract men and women who are there to nurture, love, and raise me to higher heights.

A good friend said to me once, “With All that you bring to this world, how could you ever lose? The more you open up, the more you draw into yourself. Your love is safe.”

Your relationships can be and look however you want them to. Just make sure they are serving YOU because you get not only what you ask for, but where you vibrate from.

Be honest with yourself, boldly claim your truest heart’s 💕desire, expect it, make space for it, allow it, and receive it with open arms and heart.

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