Services and Fees

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As of January 1, 2018, all 60-minute sessions are $135


  • Removing Energy Blocks
  • Peak Performance Enhancement
  • Weight Management
  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Sleep Issues
  • Healing through Past Life Regression (Please call)(3) hour recorded Past Life Regression or Future Life Progression
    (3) hour recorded Life in Between Life or Connecting with Spirit Guides

Special YouTube and Email list Subscriber Rates

**Clients must be subscribed to my YouTube channel and my email list to receive these rates. Sessions are done by phone and Skype only. A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended for best results. Each session includes a mp3 recording of your personalized hypnosis for you to listen to in between sessions.

  • 1st session 30-minutes – $75

If you require Hypnotherapy Sessions at home due to health reasons, media confidentiality or privacy concerns for your family, business or entertainment profession, please contact Shara Prophet for more information.


Acquire the Life You Desire is an intensive 8-week one-on-one coaching program of healing the whole self, using Hypnosis, Therapeutic Imagery, and Mental Bank for goal setting and rewriting your life script. Your subconscious mind will learn how to easily release anxiety, reduce stress, and break old behavior patterns using practical and effective tools that you have access to for a lifetime.

As you move through this process of releasing and healing, you find that the three vital parts of yourself; mind, body, and Spirit are strengthened and elevated to higher levels, creating space for more expansion, growth, and limitless possibilities of acquiring the life you truly desire. Upon completion of the program, you might notice positive changes like:

Mental Clarity and a Strong Sense of Self

  • improved organizational skills and time management
  • ability to identify and set goals and stick to an action plan to achieve them
  • breaking through fears and phobias
  • a boost in confidence and deeper self-love

Boost in Energy and Revived Health

  • experiencing profound relaxation easily and getting deep restful sleep
  • finding a happy work/life balance
  • improved and increased financial wealth
  • improved love relationships
  • a release of unwanted pounds
  • enhanced performance levels in sports, career, and in academia

Spiritual Renewal

  • a deeper understanding of and connection to your Divine Self
  • healing of ancestral and past life traumas
  • manifesting your desires more quickly and effortlessly

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