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Overcoming Codependency: “The Mistress Energy”

Many people, single and in relationships struggle with what I call the “Mistress Energy”. 

A Mistress in the traditional sense is a woman who is having extramarital affairs with a married man. I’m not quite using the word in that context here. 

I’m more so relating to the energy of being number 2, second fiddle, last choice, etc. In other words, you don’t have to be a woman or someone’s Mistress to experience the “Mistress Energy”. 

In fact, this kind of energy implants itself long before we even know exactly what a Mistress is. 

It starts the moment we realize we are not someone else’s first choice. 

Usually one or both caregivers, whether parents or another authority figure in the household, is preoccupied with “priorities” and the child comes after the priority. 

Some priorities could be earning money to take care of the family and being away from home frequently, the caregiver could be coping with their own emotional issues, addictions, and in some cases the parent could have a second family that they have to split their time with. 

When the child is left wanting emotional security from their parents and that desire is never met, it creates codependency traits such addiction to pain or “The Mistress Energy”. 

This sends a signal to the child’s subconscious mind that “I am not important. I am not enough.” “I don’t have enough.” “I am number 2, 3, 4, 5, or zero.” “I have to fend for myself.” “I can’t trust anyone.” 

They are programmed to be defensive, self-protected, clingy, insecure, dissociated from the feminine or masculine, and tend to be excessively imbalanced in their masculine and feminine energies. 

The typical codependent adult child craves partnership and usually hates being alone. They usually settle for an emotionally, mentally, and physically unavailable partner. When they are coupled, they over give and rarely get their needs met. 

They try to change themselves to appeal more to their partner and in turn move further away from their true self. 

On the other end of the spectrum, some codependents deny wanting love all the while yearning for a loving relationship with a romantic partner, friend, mentor, or client and still find themselves in the same emotionally destructive situation.

All together these adult children, tend to form unhealthy codependent attachments in one-sided relationships that can be mentally, emotionally, and even physically abusive. 

Adult children who are begging to be seen, chosen, heard, and needed often attract other adult children who seek the same in some capacity and this creates the codependent relationship. 

Over the years I have successfully assisted hundreds of clients with reclaiming their personal power from codepency.

I diligently worked to heal my own childhood wounds of rejection, abandonment, and insecurity using a multitude of clinical therapeutic techniques and Spiritual practices. 

I continue to use them daily to maintain balance and transmute those old energies that have plagued not only my relationships but also other areas of my life like finances, career, and health. 

In January of 2022, I am launching the Breaking Chains Overcoming Codependency 6-week Group Hypnotherapy. 

Over 6-weeks we will take a Bottom – Up approach to achieving a codependency free lifestyle. This means working through the depths of the subconscious codependency programming. 

Not talking and reliving the past, but literally turning your painful problem into an immutable healing power. 

This process will assist you in improving your relationship with yourself, your family, and attracting your perfectly matched healthy romantic partner. 

I am accepting new clients now and you can schedule a free 20-minute consultation to get questions answered and see if the program is right for you.

Here’s a sneak peak into the 6-week program:

Session 1: Understanding Codependency and its Roots

Session 2: Discover Your Dark Inner Child – Finding the Point of origin

Session 3: Ancestral Healing Journey

Session 4: Breaking the Patterns of Codependent Behavior 

Session 5: Designing Your Healing Plan

Session 6: Maintaining the New Healthy You!

For more life-changing subconscious conditioning tools, check out my book on Amazon as well as the B.E.M.A.G.I.C. Manifestation Course.

Join my Facebook Group Manifesting Success With Mind Magic for free classes.

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