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Comparison is the Death of Creativity

Do you compare yourself to others’ body, appearance, money, relationship, or success? Comparing ourselves to someone else is a form of self-sabotage as it places us in a box of limitation that keeps us stuck in mediocrity. Playing small stifles spontaneity and inspiration thus bringing death to the door of creativity.

Creative energy comes from Divine inspiration. It is that spark of raw energy, drive, joy, and excitement. When we compare ourselves to others and try to replicate what they are doing, we lose that raw energy. A part of us dies and blocks our ability to pull new ideas down from the ether. This kind of energy is chaotic until we claim the idea for ourselves and shine our unique light upon it giving it some structure and form.

There is a difference between comparison and observation, however. I can and observe somebody’s life and say, “I’m inspired by how they live their life and I’d like to know how they accomplished that.” That is being inspired and observing success in an area of life you are looking to improve. Comparison is looking for the similarities between you and another person.

While there is nothing wrong with noticing how you might be similar, the danger is when you find the similarity and feel inadequate because you assume their experience is better than yours. Trying to become them or copy an inspired idea that they have shined their unique light on, is when we start to live inauthentically.

If you have ever compared yourself to someone else and felt inadequate instead of inspired, it simply means you never received confirmation that you are enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

We have creative ideas flowing through us all the time, they seem to be hidden because we have not learned how to trust our instincts and may still be seeking outside validation that our ideas are good enough to breathe life into.

To move into a space of self-approval and connect to trust, we must take time to just be with ourselves. You can do this in meditation, taking a long walk, or journaling. It is in self-reflection that we find our true essence and when we do, we never run out of fresh ideas that serve our highest good. Go forth and live and thrive in your creative energy!!

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