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Emotional Detachment: DON’T DO IT!!

You need to feel your emotions because that is how you manifest.

If you’re having “negative” thoughts/emotions, they are trying to relay a message you might be ignoring or have not yet received and/or integrated. 

Pay attention, ask the right questions, and take the right (inspired) actions.

Feeling good by canceling out feeling bad will only delay your desires and apply more pressure until you are broken down and submit to acknowledging and FEELING your emotions – energy in motion.

Understanding why you feel bad in the first place and processing from “the first place” results in a good feeling.

Remember, when it comes to achieving emotional intelligence, always choose integration over dissociation.

Trust and Betrayal

Being distrustful of others is a byproduct of fear/insecurity and a sign that we do not trust ourselves or the unfoldment of life.

When we place our trust in others, it should be because we trust that person, group, or establishment will always do what is necessary for their best interest. That means whatever they are “programmed” to think is best for them, no matter how healthy or unhealthy that thing is.

The best thing we can all do is learn to become more discerning and distinguish between the voice of the higher consciousness and the lower consciousness. This strengthens trust in the self so we are able to see/feel/sense very quickly what resonates with our energy and what does not.

Let’s place our trust in us, the Divine Source within, that way when someone seemingly betrays your “trust” the betrayal might sting, but won’t be taken personally. For you will have already sensed that this person was going to take this action and prepared yourself thanks to your heightened connection with Source.

Put your faith in you and life itself. Know you are always shrouded in Divine protection and guidance, so you can love and experience all life has to offer freely. Only I have the power to hurt me therefore it is my responsibility to exercise my Divine authority as a sovereign being to be discerning about where I place my energy. The more we practice this, the quicker we can make decisions and be less emotional and delusional about situations. Take back your power..

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About the author:

Shara Prophet, C.Ht. is a speaker, expert lecturer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Mystic, and author of The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. Manifestation Workbook. She specializes in personal development and behavior modification and is the founder of Open Door Hypnosis and The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. School. Shara created this blog to teach people “cheat codes” to live a more healthy, peaceful, and prosperous life. She was recently featured on OWN in the Dark Girl’s 2 Documentary. 

Shift the Energy

The energy of words is very important to me because it can have an unconscious influence on our psyche.

For example, I am patient by nature but the word ‘patient’ triggers me. Especially when someone says “You just have to be patient.” Or “The Universe needs you to be patient.”

Now I could fight against my natural resistance to the words I don’t like, or I could choose the path of ease and simply replace them with words that resonate.

‘Patient’ holds the same energy as ‘obedience’ and ‘hope’ to me. In my opinion, these words vibrate an underlying tone and energy of fear and false security.

So, I have replaced the word ‘patient’ with ‘knowing’. When I move into a space of knowing it brings a wash of ease and peace over my being.

I don’t have to actually know the exact outcome to feel that sense of ease and peace. I just know that whatever the outcome, I’ll be in a better position than I was previously.

The other word I use is ‘expect’. I expect things to always work in my favor even if they don’t turn out exactly the way I envisioned.

The words ‘know’ and ‘expect’ vibrate at the frequency of power and push my intention into the material world immediately.

This human experience is a constant upward spiral even when it appears to be moving in the opposite direction.

We are always moving to a new point on the journey that leads to new insights, deeper awareness, and growth.

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In what ways are you shifting to a more peaceful existence?

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About the author:

Shara Prophet, C.Ht. is a speaker, expert lecturer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Mystic, and author of The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. Manifestation Workbook. She specializes in personal development and behavior modification and is the founder of Open Door Hypnosis and The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. School. Shara created this blog to teach people “cheat codes” to live a more healthy, peaceful, and prosperous life. She was recently featured on OWN in the Dark Girl’s 2 Documentary. 

“There is no such thing as fake love.”

There is no such thing as “fake love”. Contrary to popular memes, social media posts, and pop songs. 

Everything in existence from the air we breathe, to the ground under our feet, including you and I, were created from love. 

Love is unquestionably real. 

It is innate in ALL of us, even the Jeffrey Dahmers of the World. 

Yes! At his core, Jeffrey’s heinous acts were a cry for love in the form of rage. 

*Sidebar: Rage comes from feeling trapped, confused, and afraid. When we desire to experience love but don’t possess the emotional intelligence to express that desire nor recognize when love is being presented, it manifests as rage. Rage comes in many forms from a quiet retreat, and self-destructive behaviors like overeating and alcoholism, to fatal violence. * 

Our beliefs about what love means are triggered when we encounter people that vibrate at that familiar frequency. 

Then, we compare how love is reciprocated between us and another person. If my way of showing love to a friend means calling them once a month to catch up, but their interpretation of love is us speaking every day, it is possible my behavior could be misconstrued as “fake love”. 

This is where we as a collective confuse the so-called act of love with our personal beliefs which fuel behavior patterns that we have learned through our unique experiences. 

Now let’s look at another scenario. 

You have a good friend you consider to be family. Every time you get together with your friend, she makes questionable remarks about you in front of other people. 

It makes you feel uncomfortable when she does this because it is not your way of expressing love to someone you consider family. 

However, it could be the way her family expressed love when she was growing up. 

These are two contrasting ideas about how to show love. For you, this could feel like “fake love”. For her, it’s the only way she knows how to express her love due to her upbringing. 

It’s also a sign that she might be insecure because the healthier way you express love highlights the flaws in the way she expresses it. 

This triggers that rage that I spoke about earlier. Wanting to experience what she thinks love is but doesn’t quite know how to grasp it. Remember rage comes in varying levels. 

This doesn’t mean that she does not love you in her own way, it means that she lacks a healthier option to display her love due to minimal emotional intelligence.

Most people who did not grow up in a household where emotional intelligence was taught have a deficiency in the way they give and receive love. 

Therefore, it is important for us to understand that love exists in ALL things even in its cruelest forms. I am not saying that you should accept unhealthy abusive expressions of love. 

I certainly do NOT! 

I am saying that having the ability to see through a different lens expands our awareness and allows us to have a different experience even when we are confronted with seeming “fake love”. 

Our past experiences and painful memories cause us to refrain from giving ourselves fully to another person. Especially if we hold them in high regard. 

This can be triggering for the recipient who may also have memories of disappointment and betrayal. They begin to retreat and go into protection and defense mode. 

This is a typical stand-off between two people who truly admire one another but are also intimidated by the other’s power to possibly deceive them. 

The only real problem is neither person is standing in their own power. 

Instead, they are both holding each other responsible for their own internal condition. 

When we place expectations of happiness on external conditions be it people, places, or things, we set ourselves up for failure. 

Usually behind the expectation for the good thing lies the expectation of disappointment. 

There is never a moment that passes when we are NOT creating our reality. 

“Fake Love” only exists because we’ve been taught to expect it on some level. 

Manifestation 101 is all about expecting our concentrated thought and core feelings to manifest in 3D. That includes the desired outcome and the contrast. 

One of the exercises I give to my Breaking Chains Overcoming Codependency group is to reflect on a relationship that left them feeling betrayed. 

Then, try to count the number of times they expected something to go wrong in that relationship and how the expectation made manifest. 

This is an intriguing experiment and I challenge you to do this over the next week and write down each instance you can recall. 

Remember, our fears are just as strong as our desires. When we learn to harness and transmute fear into power, then we have begun to Master the Mind.

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About the author: 

Shara Prophet, C.Ht. is a speaker, expert lecturer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Mystic, and author of The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. Manifestation Workbook. She specializes in personal development and behavior modification and is the founder of Open Door Hypnosis and The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. School. Shara created this blog to teach people “cheat codes” to live a more healthy, peaceful, and prosperous life. She was recently featured on OWN in the Dark Girl’s 2 Documentary. 

From Poverty to Freedom

A poverty mindset transcends a lack of finances and resources. This article is NOT about people classified as financially poor according to societal standards. 

Overall, a poverty mindset is a limiting thought about one’s self-worth and ability to create what one desires. 

And you don’t have to be financially poor to experience this. 

As with all mindsets, it is a learned behavior that we model from childhood or as a way to deal with life experiences.

Sometimes suffering a significant loss can trigger a poverty mindset, resulting in a person forming unhealthy attachments to people, things, and beliefs. 

You might also notice certain behavior traits like hoarding, overworking, poor eating habits, lack of time and focus, heightened anxiety, bouts of depression, fits of rage and anger, and sleep issues (oversleeping and insomnia). 

These are defense mechanisms the mind and body use to help us cope with the belief of not having enough or being enough.

Ultimately it is not the desire for material things but the quest for freedom that keeps us bound in the low place of a poverty mindset. 

Once you understand that freedom is the ultimate goal, you start to disarm the power of a poverty mindset.

Freedom requires no outside resources to experience. You simply need to change the narrative of your current circumstance to move you from the feeling of confinement and restriction to release and freedom.

Language and thought are energy. When we use our Divine ability to manipulate that energy with a Positive Opposite, we can create miraculous and instantaneous change in our lives.

Most people have a one-track mind when it comes to solving a problem. In this instance the surface problem is  “I don’t have…” or “I am not…” this supports and perpetuates the sensation of confinement and restriction in the nervous system.

How we speak about and to ourselves is the most practical and easiest starting point. 

The next time you are about to say “I don’t have enough…” try switching your narrative to “I have enough of what I need right now and I look forward to having much much more.” 

Notice how that statement brings a sense of relief to the nervous system. 

You have released the NEED to attain something you believed you didn’t have and replaced it with opening yourself up to more than you expected.


Continue switching out your old narrative from a poverty mindset for a Positive Opposite over the next 7 days. It will feel foreign to you but stopping and thinking about how to make the switch will work wonders!

Smile 🙂 because you are well on your way to experiencing freedom on a moment-by-moment basis.

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About the author: 

Shara Prophet, C.Ht. is a speaker, expert lecturer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Mystic, and author of The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. Manifestation Workbook. She specializes in personal development and behavior modification and is the founder of Open Door Hypnosis and The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. School. Shara created this blog to teach people “cheat codes” to live a more healthy, peaceful, and prosperous life. She was recently featured on OWN in the Dark Girl’s 2 Documentary. 

“Mercury Retrograde is Just a Catalyst”

 Mercury Retrograde is believed to be a time of miscommunication and revisiting old issues or energies that we thought were settled. We blame the Retrograde for all things coming undone in our lives. In truth, it is a catalyst to push pre-existing feelings up to the surface. Mercury Retrograde reminds us to deal with these emotions and allows time for reflection and re-evaluation of one’s life. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to help us self-reflect and do Shadow Work.

Shadow Work brings our awareness to the problem at hand and then we take action to solve it. Hypnosis deals directly with the emotions and can be used to clear the emotional attachment to a situation that carries negative energy, which is then replaced with the desired emotion or thought.

The first path to healing is to deal with the problems that keep resurfacing because those problems have a message for us. To break the cycle, we can use hypnosis to access the subconscious mind to deconstruct the destructive pattern and construct a new healthier pattern. Self-hypnosis is a great way to start, but professional assistance is recommended for deeper work.

Discovering the root of the problem and doing the work to end the unwanted or non-beneficial cycle greatly helps in clearing our ingrained patterns and habits. An anchor (word, phrase, physical gesture programmed to trigger the new emotion and behavior) is used to assist in reinforcing the new behavior until it’s finally normalized in the body and mind.

 The secret to making hypnosis work is to fully believe in it and use it repetitively until you get results. From reshaping the body to growing a multi-billion dollar empire, a strong belief, self-awareness, and subconscious reprogramming can help us design the life we desire and deserve.

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3 Ways Hypnosis Can Stimulate Hair Growth.

There are 3 ways hypnosis can stimulate hair growth. Studies show that we have the ability to change our body’s current condition using the power of our minds. Hypnosis is a focused state of awareness that allows us to intentionally create a desired outcome.  We can use this powerful holistic tool to make psychological and physiological changes so, of course, we can use it to stimulate hair growth.

1. Oxygen is what stimulates hair follicles causing hair to sprout through the scalp. Blood carries oxygen through our veins to every part of the body. Did you know that in the hypnotic state, you have the power to stop, decrease, and increase your blood flow? Using focused intention i.e. hypnosis, you can direct blood flow to the follicles to stimulate hair growth.

2. It’s mind over matter. Most people lament over the condition of their hair. I know I definitely have. Being too focused on why your hair isn’t growing at the rate you want it too, or worrying about losing hair increases stress levels that can inevitably lead to thinning hair or hair loss. Stress and anxiety are one of the major causes of hair loss and thinning hair. Hypnosis is proven to reduce stress and release anxiety. While in the hypnotic state, we can tell the subconscious to block all fears of hair loss, feeling only calm, peace and knowing that it is easy to stimulate and sustain the growth of long, thick, strong, beautiful hair.

3. The thing to remember however with hypnosis and any treatments whether medicinal or holistic is that it is most effective when used in conjunction with other things. For example, if I am working with a client one-on-one, for hair growth, we would determine a tailored action plan and I would include it in the suggestions I give while they are in the hypnotic state. That action plan might include incorporating a diet that is nutrient rich with plenty of good fats, lean protein, vitamins D and E, plenty of water, and a hair care routine that is fit for their particular hair type.

In this week’s Real Hypnosis video, I give you a sample of how I use hypnosis to communicate to the subconscious mind, that it receives the same nutrients from Mother Nature that the trees and grass do therefore making it very easy for hair growth to happen. If you have bald patches, thin edges, or wish to grow your hair longer, then this hypnosis will be great for you to try.

For best results, I suggest listening to this recording every day in the morning upon waking, at night right before bed, or both. You may want to measure your hair before you start listening, and then measure it again once a week to monitor your results and see how well your subconscious mind is responding to the suggestions. Have fun with this one and enjoy!

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Are You Getting Deep Restful Sleep?

Are you getting Deep Restful Sleep? I’m not talking about laying in bed for 7-8 hours tossing and turning. When was the last time you had a very deep sleep and woke up feeling refreshed and energized and ready to take on the day?

Sleep is essential to our health and well-being. While we sleep, the body repairs itself allowing emotional, mental, and physical healing to take place. Did you know we sleep to dream?

Dreaming is the time our brains to “take out the trash” or vent out any issues that could be blocking our desires for excellent health, a fulfilling career, more money, or meaningful relationships.

Dreams only occur when we sleep. If we don’t sleep well, we don’t dream, and the trash doesn’t get taken out. This can overload the brain causing hyper-suggestibility, fatigue, loss of memory, brain fog, and lack of focus.

I use hypnosis to help many clients with sleep issues like insomnia and anxiety. Hypnosis is a holistic and effective way to achieve amazing restful sleep. If you don’t want to use or want to discontinue use of sleep aids like pills, then hypnosis is a great alternative.

It’s a state of focused awareness that automatically brings deep relaxation to the entire body. This deep comfort and relaxation helps to bypass the mind’s natural defenses creating a direct line of communication with the subconscious mind which controls all our automatic behaviors.

We can use hypnosis to tell the subconscious mind that it is easy for you to fall asleep quickly and get sound, restful sleep.  I always include a suggestion that you will wake up feeling refreshed and energized and in the event you need to wake up and respond to an emergency, you will do so immediately and be fully alert.

Check out my FREE hypnosis video for Deep Sleep Fast. This is a powerful hypnosis, so only listen to this when you are ready to sleep for the night. This hypnosis for deep sleep will help you release anxiety and tension, relax every muscle in your body, fall asleep faster, and get a nice deep sleep. I suggest listening to this hypnosis every night before bed until you are able to get to sleep on your own. Try it out and let me know what your experience was like.

Understanding Belief Systems, Brainwashing, and Mind Control

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6ShSjQbU2c]

In the last video I did on Brainwashing vs. Hypnosis we discussed the movie Get Out and how the makers of the movie misused the term Hypnosis when they were really using brainwashing techniques. We also discussed that for mind control to work, we must buy into the idea that our minds can be controlled. At the end of that video, I posed this question, “Why would anyone want us to believe that we can be controlled in the first place?”

For something to work, we must believe it is possible. Beliefs condition us to accept and expect certain results. Conditioning starts from the moment we come out of the womb, we are inundated with information on how to live this life and fit into this human existence. We’re taught how to take in information, and not only what to believe but how to believe it. We conform to our Social Constructs, which is defined in Merriam-Webster Dictionary as an idea that has been created and accepted by the people in a society.

For Example, if you don’t go to this school, and receive this education, then you will only be able to get this kind of job.

If you have this kind of job, you’ll only make this amount of money, and then can only afford this size house, in that city, and drive this car.

Those of us who do the opposite of the societal norm; don’t go to college or work at the high-powered firms, but receive the same rewards and success, are considered an anomaly or exception.

These ideas and beliefs stem from what I refer to as “belief systems” set up throughout history. There are seven primary belief systems and they are, not in any order:

1) Health: Medical/Pharm/Food

2) Government & Politics

3) Science

4) Police & Military

5) Education

6) Religion

7) Financial & Banking Institute

I didn’t add Media because it’s more of a vessel through which these Systems get information to us.

These are industries and corporations but, I refer to them as belief systems because they have shaped how we see the world, take it in, and relate to it. Think about how each of these systems has laid the groundwork for our life by setting laws and regulations. If our beliefs can be controlled then our lives can be controlled.

Beliefs are essential to our everyday automatic behaviors and these systems get a handle on our belief structure as early as birth. A stranger handles a newborn baby upon its entry into this world instead of its mother, who is familiar, shares the same DNA, and has housed this baby for nine months in the womb.

Straight from the womb, the baby’s delicate little body is washed in energy that is not familiar to her and could or could not be carrying positive loving vibes. In fact, when a child is born, the mother is often the second or third person to touch the child. I am not saying that it is wrong for a doctor or someone else to assist in the delivery of an infant. If that skill was not needed, it would not exist. Everything is here for a purpose. However, this is a perfect example of how early the systems are ingrained in our belief structures in the subtlest ways.

We are taught to rely on something and someone outside of ourselves before trusting our own intuition and internal instinct.

Societal norm is to take medication when we are sick, rely on the government to have our backs, place our trust in politicians, put our lives in the hands of doctors, police and military, leave it up to teachers and school boards to educate our children, look to the banks and financial institutions to loan us money to acquire what we desire, expect science labs to end World hunger, and beg an external deity to answer our prayers.

When belief in our ability to trust, and think for ourselves and control our own lives and bodies is skewed, we become susceptible to brainwashing and mind control. Constant exposure to beliefs that perpetuate fear doubt, and worry, goes against the Natural Law, to know thyself, and this causes the destruction of the self.

Distraction, confusion, misdirection, and fear, is a rinse and repeat recipe used by the systems to disorient our beliefs and our sense of self.

Thankfully there’s hope. With trust, curiosity, and courage we can find the truth of who we are. It is in that discovery where we start to see through the veil of ignorance and deceit. From this point, we can become more discerning, more tuned into that inner wisdom that guides us to true freedom. Then health, peace, trust, and joy become our new social norm. Taking risks becomes the natural progression of our life’s purpose and gradually the fear of the unknown turns into excitement and eagerness to explore.

Knowing who we are, for real, and not what we’ve been identified as like Black, White, male, or female, puts us on the path to profound joy and living a superior quality of life. To make real positive changes, we must do things differently and think outside the box.

A great way to start is reconnecting and strengthening our connection with the self. An easy process is to take some time throughout our day, even if for a minute or five. Clear the mind and ask the question, “Who Am I”? Then get still and silent, and observe what comes through. Perhaps it will be a thought, sensation, feeling or knowing. Maybe it will come audibly, like a word, a song, or conversation. For those of us with vivid imaginations, it could come through a vision. Just be open, and observe the information. Know that sometimes the information may not come at that exact moment. It might come later that day or days later but, it will come and the answer will be revealed.

This is how we begin to break free from old belief systems that have held us hostage in our own minds. The World is changing and our consciousness is shifting, and it’s happening very fast. Now is the time to get to know who you are on a higher and deeper level.

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Brainwashing vs. Hypnosis: “Get Out”, Got It All Wrong

Hollywood has sensationalized hypnosis for years. Most people think it’s magical mind control where the hypnotist snaps her fingers or like in the movie Get Out, stirs a tea cup, and Abracadabra, you are clucking like a chicken or “sinking into the floor” against your will. While incredibly thrilling, and entertaining for a movie plot, this is not the way a hypnotic induction happens.

What happened to the main character in Get Out was brainwashing, NOT hypnosis. Please check out the below video where I go into further detail about the plot of the movie.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L2C6dLBRWM&w=560&h=315]

Even though both techniques use altered states, there’s a big difference between the two. Brainwashing or mind control puts stress on the body and emotions to break down a person’s natural defenses. This trauma-induced stress opens the gateway for one’s subconscious to be conditioned with behaviors and beliefs that serve the benefit of another.

The process of brainwashing might use one or more of these unhealthy and inhumane methods:

  1. Starvation and sleep deprivation
  2. Separation from family and friends
  3. Triggering a traumatic experience in your life and playing on your insecurities
  4. Making you feel strong emotions of love and fear at the same time
  5. Feeding you negative suggestions that prime you for mind control
  6. Implanting the belief that your thoughts are not your own and you have no choice.

Numbers 2 through 6 is what you witnessed happening to the Black people in the movie Get Out. They had to be held captive, isolated, and repeatedly reconditioned for the brainwashing to have long lasting effects.

Scared get out

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an ancient healing modality that our ancestors used for thousands of years to help people replace old behaviors, and get rid of physiological and psychological illness.

You cannot be hypnotized against your will. It just won’t work. You must be a willing participant for someone else to successfully get you into the hypnotic state.

Even while in hypnosis, you have control over your thoughts, you can speak, open your eyes, walk around the room, and you can choose at any time to bring yourself back to a waking state, which means you can’t ever get stuck in the hypnotic state.

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of being and the body and mind are used to going in and out of hypnosis throughout the day. You might be thinking to yourself, when in the world am I going into hypnosis?

What if I told you that you go into hypnosis when you are driving down the freeway and happen to cruise past your exit? Or when you are having a conversation with someone who loves to talk and you feel yourself zoning out? When you are listening to music, reading a book, or watching a movie you are in hypnosis because hypnosis is simply a state of focused awareness.

It’s what I like to call the learning state because the nervous system is deeply relaxed while the mind is active and receptive to learning a new healthy behavior to benefit positive changes.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis opens the gates of the Critical Mind, which filters new information entering the subconscious program, and gets the subconscious and conscious minds to communicate and get on board with each other.

Courtesy of HMI College of Hypnotherapy

This happens by overloading the client’s brain with message units like relaxing the body, drawing attention to sounds or objects in the environment, and getting the conscious and the subconscious mind to focus.

This opens the Critical Mind gate and creates a pathway for the hypnotherapist to access the subconscious mind, put in positive suggestions to break old patterns, and build up new healthy behaviors that will help the client make the positive changes they so desire.

Client participation is crucial!

For hypnosis to work, the client must be motivated and willing to work with the hypnotherapist. Together, client and therapist come up with an action plan, and the client does their part by showing up to sessions, doing their assigned work i.e. listening to hypnosis recordings, keeping a dream journal, as well as any other journals and practicing self-improvement techniques.

Repetition is a key factor in creating new behaviors. The more you do something, the more it becomes a part of your daily habits. The goal in hypnotherapy is to create new healthy habits to replace old ones that no longer serve the client.

In Hypnotherapy, the client works with the 12% conscious mind and the hypnotherapist works with the 88% subconscious mind, striving for 100% effectiveness!

How Can Hypnosis Help You?

There are over 146 ways hypnosis can help you. Since hypnotherapy focuses on the subconscious mind, you can apply hypnosis to pretty much anything. Research shows people seek hypnotherapy for the following top 5 reasons:

  1. Quitting smoking
  2. Weight management
  3. Fears/phobias
  4. Anxiety/Stress management
  5. Motivation

Here are some other issues for which you might seek the help of a hypnotherapist; time management, loss of memory, Tinnitus, finding your life’s purpose, performance enhancement, improving love relationships, test and exam taking, coping with loss, boost confidence and self-love, medical issues, emotional trauma, past life regression, life in between lives, and future life progression, and so much more.

Now you know what hypnosis is and how it differs from brainwashing. You also know that brainwashing for mind control has long-term effects when we are repeatedly exposed to stressful trauma induced conditioning.

This leads me to ask the question, are we being brainwashed by the media, and social constructs, ideas that people in society have deemed reality? If so, why do most of those constructs lead us to the belief that someone or something outside of us, can control our minds and behavior? What is the motive? Simmer on that for a while and stay tuned for the next video where I will be discussing this phenomenon.

Emotional Detachment: DON’T DO IT!!

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