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5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Unblock Your Heart

Unblocking the heart means not being afraid to allow yourself to feel your emotions and be vulnerable. Remember, vulnerability does not mean weak. It is not easy sharing our innermost feelings when we are going through a hard time, and most people tend to play their cards close to the vest. In some cases, this is the best course of action with people you do not know or trust. However, this level of detachment makes connecting intimately with loved ones quite difficult and can play a big part in blocking our desired manifestations.

Ruminating thoughts from a limited viewpoint keeps us in a mental prison where we tend to intellectualize our emotions and desires. Here is where we forget that the true intelligence lies within the heart. To make true, long-lasting to permanent changes, we must do it from the heart space which requires us to unblock the heart. 

There is an inner battle of desire versus fear. The truest essence of who we are and what we desire conflicts with the fear of letting down our guard. Humans innately desire intimate connection with other people, but past traumas can cause us to place walls around the heart to protect it from ever being hurt again. Opening the heart space takes time and is very possible once you decide that is what you want and make it a priority.

Raising our vibration boosts the process of clearing the heart space. Here are 5 ways to raise your vibration and begin unblocking your heart.

  1. Move your body – go for a walk through nature, stretch, do some yoga, hit the gym. This releases stagnant energy up and out of the body which helps you ground and create space for new energy and creativity to flow.
  2. Plan your future – write down your ideal life, create a vision board. The key here is to go big and be bold with your vision by tapping into your truest heart’s desire.
  3. Breathe – breath work is cleansing and recalibrates the cells in the body bringing you back to center which stimulates mental clarity and profound peace. Breathe in deeply. Hold the breath for 8 counts while thinking about what you are currently grateful for. Then, exhale and repeat 6 to 10 times.
  4. Make a gratitude list – gratitude and appreciation is the secret sauce to manifesting your desires and moving into a peaceful healing space that will definitely open up the heart 😊
  5. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to assist with unblocking the heart as well. It works primarily with the emotions as the subconscious mind is the emotional mind, where all our programs or running life scripts are housed. Using visualization and chakra clearing helps to expand the heart space and allow for new beneficial healing energy to fill the heart and create a magnet for desired manifestations.

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Shara Prophet, C.Ht. is a speaker, expert lecturer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Mystic and author of The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. Manifestation Workbook. She specializes in personal development and behavior modification, is the founder of Open Door Hypnosis and The Mind Magic Institute. Shara created The Mind Magic Minute column to teach people “cheat codes” to living a more healthy, peaceful, and prosperous life. She was recently featured on OWN in the Dark Girl’s 2 Documentary.

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