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“Okay so let me just start by saying, I have been “hypnotized” in the past, however, the experience, nor results could NEVER compare to the treatment with Shara at Open Door Hypnosis. I am a spiritual person who goes to church, meditates, and prays, weekly. But sometimes I feel like I don’t have the mental/physical fortitude to not only pursue my goals, but to SMASH the hell out of them. Y’all know what I mean… it’s tough out here. However, after my face to face with Shara, who I’ve known for several years, but recently reconnected with, I don’t just feel better, I AM better. She is super informative and non – confrontational in her style, which for me, made me want to open up and share more. Her melodic tones are so soothing while in her presence, I can’t imagine not being affected by her service. The best part is that she records the suggestions so that you can play them at home… to bring you back to that centered space. It isn’t scary, it’s just something new. Shara is genuinely concerned with your well-being and it shows in the care and attention she gives to your issues…whatever they may be. Love, love, love Open Door Hypnosis!”

– Alia C. Culver City, CA

Interview with Shara Prophet and client Alia C.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shara in several sessions and I can’t recommend her enough! This was my first time being hypnotized and her style and attention made me feel very comfortable and safe. I appreciate the time she takes to really get to know what I want to work on and how best to support me. I continue to benefit from the work we’ve done together and an extremely grateful. I highly recommend Shara!”

– Kim F. Los Angeles, CA

“I had a wonderful hypnotherapy session with Shara. She was open, understanding, knowledgeable and nonjudgmental. I would definitely recommend her if you are interested in an outstanding hypnotherapy experience!”

– Stacie Y. Venice, CA

“Trust is such an integral piece of the puzzle when it comes to selecting a hypnotherapist and Shara is most definitely worthy of that trust.  I had a wonderful session with her and would most definitely recommend her!”

– Lisa S. Oxnard, CA

“On May 5, 2016 I underwent a hypnotherapy session with Shara Prophet of Open Door Hypnosis on stress management.  I can truly say that it was an amazing experience!  She worked with me on managing stress and how to handle stressful situations as I can typically get overwhelmed, irritated and flustered.

From the start Shara put me at ease as I was somewhat anxious and didn’t know what to expect during the session.  She had a calming and reassuring effect on me.  Overall, I am pleased with the immediate results I received.  To help me deal with stress on a daily basis she gave me an anchor that I still use today.  Now when stressful situations or issues arise I am able to work through and resolve them in a calm and rational manner.  Instead of getting upset I am now able to take time to assess the situation to come up with a remedy.”

– Patricia L. Washington, DC

“Shara Prophet is incredible! She has truly changed my life with her hypnotherapy sessions. Her voice and technique is incredibly effective. In only 2 sessions I had demonstrations and now, after the 3rd –  I am profoundly empowered and amazed.”

– Victoria T. Los Angeles, CA

“Shara Prophet has an amazing ability to listen, truly listen and she hears you which allows her to ask the right questions.  Guiding me through hypnotherapy and rewiring my subconscious with positive thought has been a miraculous addition to my healing and growth.  The sessions are allowing me to really define my life purpose and manifest and affirm joy, love and abundance.  I am soooo grateful for Shara and her practice.  She is a star hypnotherapist who really knows how to open the door to your life purpose and the objectives you are seeking.  Shara is a true blessing and I am so grateful for her and her practice.”

– Theresa A. Santa Monica, CA

“I was unsure if hypnosis was the way to go. I did not believe it would do anything. Shara opened my mind to new thinking and new ways of looking at things. She instilled an anchor and hope within me. I walked out feeling a new sense of purpose and with my eyes wide open to greater possibilities.”

– Elizabeth G. Sun Valley, CA

“Before working with Shara, I was a bit of a skeptic when it came to hypnotism and hypnotherapy. Now, I can really see the benefits of working with someone in this capacity. Shara is a true professional who made me feel very open and welcome to share 100% of myself, including what challenges I was facing, my opportunities for growth, and what is it that I wanted to create. Her bedside manner is incredibly supportive and nurturing. For anyone looking to explore hypnotherapy themselves, I would highly recommend working with Shara”

– Melissa S. Marina Del Rey, CA

“Shara is easy-going, caring and joyful. She listens with attentiveness and understanding. Though I’m at the beginning of our scheduled sessions, I’m very confident about what is to come.”

– Sonia J. Los Angeles, CA

“I did a phone based session to address issues of time management in the hopes of increasing my effectiveness and eliminating late arrivals. The session met my needs and so much more. I finished feeling super relaxed and with so many strategies to address my issues during my daily activities. Shara’s skill, voice and suggestions were amazing…I will definitely be doing this again!!!!”

– Melissa B. Washington, DC